The Angiogenesis Foundation organizes and convenes Regional and International Expert Summits to develop a high-level consensus in angiogenesis-dependent disease areas. Summits aim to bring multistakeholder perspectives together on how to improve patient outcomes. Using a highly successful advocacy model to engage stakeholders in discussions, issues addressed include the state of the field for diagnosis and treatment; the state of disease awareness and its treatments among both the patient community and the public at large; the current care pathways, from awareness to diagnosis to treatment to follow-up; the rationale for antiangiogenic therapies; and issues concerning the efficacy and safety of all therapy options.

Expert Summits leverage the Foundation’s third party status, its international convening power, its expertise in paradigm-shifting therapy development, its expert networks, and its goal of improving patient outcomes on an international scale to bring together a diverse group of participants. The invited experts represent leading clinicians and translational science experts in angiogenesis, along with other important stakeholders, such as key leaders from advocacy organizations and representatives from related medical communities.

Events are recorded and transcribed by a professional medical writer to generate a White Paper Report that clearly defines the issues, challenges, and recommendations on how to optimize the use of antiangiogenic therapy and how to improve treatment outcomes.